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Centrifugal Pump Torishima CDM Series
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Sell Centrifugal Pump Torishima CDM Series

Specification of Centrifugal Pump Torishima CDM Series

TORISHIMA CDM is a horizontal axis horizontal pump which is used in various applications such as seawater desalination plant, power plant, water and wastewater, water transmission and irrigation etc. The type of double suction centrifugal pump and three-dimensional impeller provide low NPSH requirements and high efficiency. CV. Multi Mas sell centrifugal pump where the top half casing can be disassembled without disturbing pipework. This allows easy maintenance and routine checks.

Technical Data:

Total Head: 3 to 400m / 10 to 1,300 feet
Capacity: 9 to 36,000 m / h / 40 to 158,500USgpm
Temperature: up to 80 ° C / 176 ° F
Size: 200 to 2,000 mm

CV. Multi Mas was established in 1989. Our company specializes in supplying machinery, mechanical and spare parts of every kind of industry such as one selling centrifugal pump. Ready to provide solutions to your mechanical problems. Committed to provide the best quality from all over the world with very good price.

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