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SEW Eurodrive S series (two-stage and three-stage)
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Sell SEW Eurodrive S series (two-stage and three-stage)

Specification of SEW Eurodrive S series (two-stage and three-stage)

Sell SEW Eurodrive Gearbox

The helical gear unit of SEW EURODRIVE is helical wheel / helical-worm combination, making it more efficient than ordinary worm gear units. Due to its exceptional efficiency, these drives can be used in every industry sector and tailored to individual torque and speed requirements.


- Economic operation
- Low noise
- High allowable overhung loads

Technical data:

- Equipment outlet reduction ratio: [i] 6.80 to 288.00
- Multi-stage gear unit reduction ratio: [i] 110 to 33818
- Output torque: [Nm] 43 to 4,000
- Motor power range: [kW] 0.12 to 22

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