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Gear Motor SEW Eurodrive K Series (three-stage)
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Sell Gear Motor SEW Eurodrive K Series (three-stage)

Specification of Gear Motor SEW Eurodrive K Series (three-stage)

The helical gear motor unit of SEW-EURODRIVE provides a high efficiency rate of over 96% in both torque directions and at all input speeds. With performance designed to survive with high durability allows high torque and wear-free operation. CV. Multi Mas sells gear motors with highly efficient helical gear motors, you have an energy-efficient corner gear drive at your fingertips.


- High power density
- Long live
- 96% efficiency gear unit
- Multi-stage gear unit for low output speed
- Reduce reply options across all sizes

Technical data

- The ratio of equipment unit reduction: [i] 3,98 to 197,37
- Multi-stage gear unit reduction ratio: [i] 94 to 32625
- Torque output: [Nm] 125 to 50,000 (also reduced backlash version)
- Motor power range: [kW] 0.12 to 200

CV. Multi Mas was established in 1989. Our company specializes in supplying machinery, mechanical and spare parts of every kind of industry such as one selling gear motor. Ready to provide solutions to your mechanical problems. Committed to provide the best quality from all over the world with very good price.

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