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Specification of Gear Box Industrial

Gearbox, is a mechanical device that is used to increase torque and reduce speed or RPM of the motor. Serves to channel power or engine power to one of the other engine parts, so that the unit can move to produce a movement of both rotation and shifting. GearBox Helical M-Series SEW Eurodrive Industrial Helical Gear is designed for low torque ranges up to 65 kNm. The strength of this GearBox is in the middle gear ratio range and is very impressive for low space requirements. Physical gear units and bevel-helical gear units for the middle gear ratio range. In addition to the small installation space, high availability for machine and system operators is an important factor when choosing the right gear wheel unit. As one of the industry's leading gear wheel manufacturers, we fulfill this criterion with our MC series, which provides parallel gear units and special axes that are compact. Simply install the helical gear unit and the tilt-helical gear unit on your device to meet your specific application requirements. One-piece special block allows horizontal, vertical and upright mounting. This allows you to get the highest level of flexibility. The MC series industrial gear unit is optimal for applications with high radial load CV. Multi Mas sells various types of gearboxes, made to survive in the most challenging environments and our highly dedicated team of engineers will work to provide practical solutions and cost savings. Geared Motor AC

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