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Gear Motor

CV. Multi Mas Sell Gear Motor, is a device that can increase torque strength by changing the speed of the dynamo motor. We sell Gear Motor which is a combination of mechanical and electrical devices, where the function of the Gear motor is to reduce the speed of the dynamo motor to get greater torque. Selling Gear Motor that is suitable for all types of applications and can be used in various types of industries such as Mining, Material Handling (Light or Heavy), Cement, Aggregate, Food & Beverage, Power Plants, etc. When you need high torque at relatively low shaft speeds or RPM, CV. Multi Mas Sell Gear Motor is complete to help complete your work. AC Gear Motor can provide enough power to help operate elevators, medical tables, jacks and robotics. DC Gear Motors are usually used in automotive applications such as power cranes on trucks, windshield wiper motors, electric seats or power windows.

Gear Motor is a fairly well-established technology. And recently, there has been renewed interest in Gear Motor, following trends in the integrated system in general. More specifically, rising energy costs are driving demand to improve process efficiency. It presents an opening for Gear Motor which can be used in a variety of applications and is a tremendous opportunity for global energy savings. Basically, Gear Motor is a type of gear reducer based around an ac or dc electric motor. Gear and motor are combined into one unit.

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